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To Stavropol Territory from Kravtsov lakes have taken out KAMaz garbage

Zakaznik lake Kravtsovo for this purpose also has been based to save unique lake - a bog, its fauna and flora. Here it is forbidden to bathe, drive by cars, to plant fires. But despite an interdiction people persistently go to have a rest on lake Kravtsovo then fun traces it is plentiful decorate vicinities. They were cleaned also by workers of the regional ministry of the nature, studeny - active workers and the huntsman. From - under bushes took out the empty bottles, the crumpled newspapers, cans. Water at the coast is covered with an edge of plastic bottles and polyethylene packages. That the nature has digested all this chemistry, should pass at least 400 years. However it is not known, how then it will be reflected in ecology.

observance of a mode of special protection in zakaznike watch the huntsman, recently patrol was started by horse group OVD of Industrial region, but infringers all the same suffice. Only from the beginning of May it is given already out more than 30 preventions for infringements of a mode of special protection in zakaznike. For careless having a rest it was necessary to clean garbage which covered nearby 100 hectare of coastal territory of lake, and these are more half of all area hydrological zakaznika. As a result 35 bags of garbage which hardly were located in " have been collected; KAMaz .


lake Kravtsovo actually this lake - a bog, a relic reservoir with saved unique flora and fauna. In territory zakaznika resides about 47 % from all biological variety of plants and vertebrate animals of Stavropol Territory. Only here it is possible to find predatory seaweed which eat insects. Seaweed is unique that were found on lake Kravtsovom still when on its coast dinosaurs walked. They are called puzyrchatka ordinary, eat small rachkami and dafnijami. The biggest being which can devour puzyrchatka - malek fishes. Also there lives this predatory plant only in the several reservoirs scattered across Europe. Among them - lake Kravtsovo.