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On the best GAI officer of the Voronezh region infringers rushed with fists

past Friday, 26   June,   in   Voronezh workers of traffic police from all area have gathered. Fifty nine GAI officers have taken part in competition on a rank of the best. Competitions for guards on roads are spent here thirteen years.

Tests have begun with nine o`clock in the morning. At first patrolmen shot from a pistol of Makarova. Ran cross-country, were tightened.   in the street was   awful heat. But, despite it, nobody has descended from a distance. Then handed over the test for knowledge of laws and   traffic regulations.   in the ending of competition GAI officers   showed ability to render   the first medical aid.

the Third place and DVD - a player   the inspector of traffic police Vadim Goltsov has taken away with itself to Borisoglebsk. Nikolay Ryabov - the inspector of the second battalion from Anna became the second. It managed a videocamera. By the way, last year Nikolay was the first. And now it has lagged behind all on the two tenth point the winner.   this year the main prize - the colour TV   has got to Sergey Lavrentevu, the inspector of the same second battalion of a regiment of traffic police. It has taken away with itself(himself) also DVD - a player and stationary phone (these prizes   the GAI officer has received for the best indicators on physical preparation).

the senior lieutenant works as Tridtsatipjatiletny   in traffic police nine years. Before ministered in OMON.

- very much exhausted unbounded business trips. A family at all did not see. And as - that has returned once again from Grozny, to me a companion and has suggested to pass in GAI. Here so   here also it has appeared, - Sergey Borisovich has shared with us.

At Sergey Lavreneva two sons -   ten years` Vovka and five years` Sashka. However, the father they see infrequently. Sergey comes often home late when children already sleep.  

- On a broader scale work is pleasant to me. All time with people you communicate, - Lavrentev has told. - However, they happen different. Happens, a floor-mat will send, happen and rukoprikladstva. It is necessary to defend. But basically it`s OK. And on a broader scale many drivers say that I the kind GAI officer.

- That, for infringements do not fine?

is as it is necessary. Has broken - respond! It is just necessary to talk to people easy.

the senior lieutenant bears The service on a federal line Don . Its site from the Lipetsk region to Rogachevki. During service it was necessary to see much. And drugs quite often in cars finds, and the stolen cars. The most terrible when on road children perish.

- Till now I can not get used to it. All I pass through myself, but a family for this horror I fence off. Houses about work words! Such here at me the law, - has told as Sergey cut off.

Taking in an armful all prizes, Lavrentev has walked to an exit. The commander has wished all   it is successful to arrive home. In the same place the native wait!

- Now as the normal muzhik I will note the victory in a circle of friends and relatives! The blessing tomorrow the day off! - already in the doorway to us Sergey has shouted.