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Near Kirzhach the train ran in legkovushku

past Sunday approximately in 15. 30 on crossing of the Moscow railway and automobile   lines Kirzhach - Alexanders there was a tragedy. Legkovushka in which three men sat, has left on a way though the driver should notice a red signal of a traffic light and hear an alarm system ring - such it is usually distributed, when the train comes nearer. Moving this regulated, but the nine has taken off on rails directly before train, it was almost impossible so to avoid collision.

the Machinist of a train under number 322 Arkhangelsk - Adler has tried to brake urgently - but the structure has literally crushed the car. Two   the men sitting in the car, were lost instantly: to one was not and 20 years, to another were executed 33. The driver in a coma have brought to resuscitation of Kirzhachsky hospital - doctors struggle for his life.
- the Driver of the car has made the roughest infringement of Traffic regulations and has left on tracks before coming nearer train, - so make comments on failure in regional car inspection.
in 40 minutes after failure the train has got under way further: its passengers have gone to have a rest on the south.