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Iran has released five employees of the British embassy

On Monday of the power of Iran have informed on clearing of five arrested employees of the British embassy. The remained four citizens of Great Britain while interrogate.

All of them have detained the day before on suspicion in participation in mass riots. As the proof agents of national security give video records of street protest actions. It is known also that all detained employees of embassy - radical Iranians.

Earlier the management of Iran in the opened declared that behind last bloody events in the country there is Britain. From - for powerful propagation of the correspondent of the Air Forces have sent from Iran, and then already British embassy has got to disgrace. The day before in conversation with the Iranian colleague the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain David Milibend has declared that London was not going to interfere with internal affairs of Teheran, and arrests Its subject Majesties - the present crime and blackmail.

In the meantime, under the pressure of power opposition have agreed on a partial vote recount: truth, recalculate 10 % of any way selected bulletins in absence of oppositionists.