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The Central Electoral Committee the Central election committee will organise regional seminars on preparation for elections

will organise a seminar for chairmen, secretaries and representatives of district selective advice responsible for financing   areas, munitsipiev and Gagauzii.

So, to employees will tell about the changes brought in positions about the organisation and   carrying out of early election. According to new positions, a day before date of elections the selective bureau of each polling district will distribute service records between the members. In the election day each person responsible for delivery of bulletins for voting, will sign the service record and will specify number of the voters participating in voting under this list.

the Central Electoral Committee will tell to secretaries of selective bureaus that on elections on July, 29th only they will bear responsibility for entering of citizens in the additional list. The Central Electoral Committee believes that all these changes   Will secure selective process and   will eliminate occurrence of the possible problems connected with work with service records.