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Sales of new cars in Belarus have fallen to 25 % - and it yet a limit

the Sales volume of new cars in Belarus in the first half of the year 2009 was reduced to 25 %. Such tentative data has resulted today on a press - the conference devoted 15 - letiju Volkswagen in Belarus, director IP Atlant - M of Fartsojghandel the chairman of the board of automobile association BAA Sergey Mihnevich, passes BelTA.

According to the expert, the situation in the Belarus market of new cars changes every month. In the sale first quarter have fallen only to 10 % in comparison with the similar period of last year. Volumes of realisation of the foreign cars which prices were formed in euro, from - for a low course of this currency have thus increased. In the second quarter the situation has exchanged, and sales of foreign cars have continued falling. Analysts BAA expect reduction of the market of new cars in 2009 on 40 % in comparison with level of 2008. Thus rather normally in the domestic market of now feel some automobile stamps, in particular Volkswagen and Toyota, occupying together about 40 % of the Belarus car market, from which 25 % - Volkswagen share.

Sergey Mihnevich has paid attention that many autodealers on - former offer buyers the big discounts for cars of 2008 of release. Some of them have been urged to reduce the prices and for cars of 2009. As a result all Belarus dealers have appeared involved in war of discounts .

At the same time the chairman of the board of association has noticed that characteristic feature of the second quarter is growth of offers in the autocrediting sphere which level has practically come nearer to the pre-crisis. This sphere, first of all, at the expense of low interest of non-returns is interesting to banks. restoration of the market of autocrediting keeps still bolshee falling of the automobile market. If not actions of dealers and credits the Belarus car market could fall to 50 % or 70 %, as in Russia and Ukraine - Sergey Mihnevich has told.