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On Kamchatka has appeared « Cool » the geyser

the Geyser has arisen in Kronotsky reserve, approximately in 14 kilometres from   Valleys of geysers.

At someone from observing of its eruption has escaped - the cool! . Under this conditional name a geyser also have noted on a map. The official name to a new geyser is not appropriated yet. Such geysers on Kamchatka are not present. Uniqueness of work of a geyser consists that it practically does not spend water: during eruption the stream of water which he throws out on height to five metres, gets back to its funnel, and after a while it spits out the same water again - has told   and. An island of director FGU Kronotsky reserve Tihon Shpilenok.

cool - the working name. A geyser unique in a crater of a volcano of Uzon.

According to Shpilenka, the geyser is thrown up with an interval in 10 - 20 minutes. The temperature at the moment of eruption - 94 degrees, between them water in 4 - a metre funnel cools down to 84 degrees. A leah

there Will be still geysers in a crater of Uzona, it is impossible to foretell, informs Interfax