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In Izhevsk will award the endowed young artists and musicians

Yesterday,   on July, 6th, the cabinet of Udmurtiya has founded 10 annual awards of the government Fellow-heirs for special achievements in the field of children`s art creativity. It is planned that since 2010 owners of this grant can receive on 10 thousand roubles.

  - Awards award pupils of children`s schools of arts, - explains   Dmitry Ivans, the minister of culture and the information of Udmurtiya , -   especially caused a stir in the course of training and the won ranks of winners of republican, regional, All-Russia and international competitions on ten nominations: orchestral string tools; orchestral spiritual and percussion instruments; a piano; national tools; musical folklore; the fine arts; decoratively - applied art; choreographic art; vocal ispolnitelstvo; Musical composition and the music theory.
Besides, it decided to appropriate grants of a name of Korepanov - Kamsky Anastasii Bochenkovoj, the student 2 courses of Republican musical college and studying 3 classes of Asanovsky children`s school of arts of Alnashsky area to Ekaterina Chizhovoj,   5000 and 3500 roubles accordingly, inform Udm - info .