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Explosion in the south of Philippines: six persons were lost, 40 are wounded

On Tuesday morning in the city of Holo on the South Philippine island with the same name powerful explosion has thundered. Six persons were lost, 40 have got wounds.

Many of wounded men are in a critical status, therefore it is probable that the death toll will increase - the lieutenant colonel of local police Edgard Arevalo has told to journalists.

He has specified that explosion has thundered near to household shop, and in one of roman catholic cathedrals of Holo the same day it was revealed and one more explosive is neutralised.

the Philippine authorities consider that acts of terrorism are organised by extremists of grouping Front of Islamic clearing of Moro passes RIA Novosti news agency referring to agency Rejter.

we Will remind,   on Sunday, on July, 5th, nearby rimsko - a roman catholic cathedral of Immaculate conception in the city of Kotabato has worked an improvised explosive device. Five persons became victims of explosion, nearby 50 - ti are wounded.

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