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Names of hostages of Nigerian insurgents

Among the seamen grasped on July, 5th near of Nigerian port Koko by insurgents of insurgent grouping " became known; Movement for clearing of delta of Niger -   two Russians and one Ukrainian.

It is crewmen of tanker Sichem Peace Russians captain Yury ShChastin and the second mechanic Victor Koshevoj, and also the citizen of Ukraine, the senior mechanic Vasily Bondarkov.

Except them, two Filipinos have got to a captivity (a mechanic of Armando Galima and sailor Rodrigo Tavares) and one native of India, the cadet - probationer Dhindza Singh.

Tanker Sichem Peace has been attacked by insurgents of Movement for emancipation of Delta Niger on July, 5th, the vessel was in 18 miles from coast of Nigeria. Insurgents have risen on a vessel, have taken away with itself as hostages of 6 persons and together with them have left the tanker. The crew which has remained on a vessel has withdrawn Sichem Peace on distance of 100 miles from coast where it is visible, and drifts now - writes the Internet - the edition the Sea bulletin - Sovfraht .

the edition specifies that at the moment of capture of hostages on a vessel there were 19 crewmen.

As a rule, experience shows that captures by Nigerian insurgents of a part of crew from courts as hostages have more demonstration, political character, than commercial, it is impossible to compare them To the Somali pirates - the editor-in-chief considers the Internet - editions Sovfrahta Michael Vojtenko.

All release after conducting certain negotiations. Passes some days, sometimes some weeks, and hostages safely release - it has explained.