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« Romania does not observe good neighbourhood principles »

the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the European integration of Moldova with surprise has conceived the comment of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Romania Christian Djakonesku concerning conclusions of Advice of EU across Moldova,   made on June, 15th, 2009. At least, approximate, obviously tendentious interpretation of head of the Romanian diplomacy of the document which should be analyzed as a whole, instead of on the fragments taken out of context is strange.

Unfortunately, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Romania misses, possibly unintentionally, the link to importance of observance of a principle of the good neighbourhood rich with shades of concept, excluding, for example, regular intervention in internal affairs of other state, is specified in statement MIDEI.

regrets and links to Advice of cooperation RM - EU which should take place on June, 16th Are worthy. Possibly, head of the Romanian diplomacy is not informed that action has been transferred under the special request   Moldova for later period. As well as in case of the request to confirm the bank account in 500 euros with Consulate of Romania in Kishinev about which head of the Romanian diplomacy knows nothing, despite official acknowledgement of this fact even its subordinates.

Concerning a visa regime for the Romanian citizens, the Moldavian department confirms that the present mode will be saved, at least, before signing by Romania with Moldova Boundary treaties, and citizens   Moldova will be   at reception of visas to Romania to pass   procedure, it agree   agreements,   prisoners between both parties.

in this direction relations of both states, instead of on a way of blocking of relations RM - EU at the desire of Romania " could develop successfully; On what with certain satisfaction links in noted comments " become;   - it is told in the statement of the Moldavian foreign policy department.