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In three areas of Krasnoyarsk have found out false thousand

At once in three areas of Krasnoyarsk militiamen have found out counterfeit denominations worthiness in 1000 roubles. In October, Soviet and Central areas have found out three false banknotes of a series: the OHM 9163516, OP 9102503, op 9121569. All counterfeit denominations of one year of release - the sample of 1997. If you have found out a false denomination, do not try to sell at all it, - warn in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of edge. For manufacturing or sale of counterfeit money punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term up to 15 years is provided. Found forgeries it is better to carry at once in militia. Then you will not punish. Not to become a victim of counterfeiters, police officers advise not to change money in the bus, a train or is simple to strangers in the street. If in hands all - taki the fake has got, try to remember in what the person who has passed you counterfeit money, its appearance and special signs has been dressed.

about the found denominations, about sbytchikah counterfeit money it is possible to inform Krasnoyarsk citizens by phones: (391 245-94-66, 245-98-85 or 02.