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CHeljabinets has attacked the court enforcement officer

the Situation, unfortunately, the ordinary. The Chelyabinsk daddy after divorce with the wife has forgotten about the child and has decided not to pay the alimony. Then eks - the spouse has brought an action against it, truth the decision of judges too has not taken any effect on a grief - the father, therefore court enforcement officers for good reason undertook. The debt in 60 thousand roubles by then has collected. Police officers have recommended to the woman to write the application for attraction to criminal   responsibility of the ex-husband for malicious evasion of the parent from payment on a judgement of means for the maintenance of minor children . Having been frightened of punishment the man has listed taki to the three-year little son of 500 roubles. All also has ended with it. Officially the debtor anywhere does not work, but in the property the citizen has a small garden site and the three-year-old car VAZ - 21140.

Police officers have found out, where there is a car and with intending to arrest a vehicle have gone to Shagolsky gardening co-operative society Hope .   Having seen gatecrashers the man did not begin to resist, has simply told that it needs to take away documents from the car. But, sowing in a car, suddenly has unexpectedly slammed a door, has got the motor and has tried to leave. When the police officer has partitioned off to it road the person paying alimony has driven into the woman and has disappeared.   the employee have sent in hospital where to it have diagnosed - a strong bruise of a knee.

- Now the department of own security of Management FSSP on the Chelyabinsk area is engaged in the debtor, - have informed in a press - service of court enforcement officers. - the requirement about a compulsory drive of the debtor is already prepared. Materials on the given incident also will be directed to Office of Public Prosecutor for criminal case excitation under item 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - violence application in the relation of the representative of the power . Under given article punishment in the form of the penalty to 200 thousand roubles, or arrest from 3 till 6 months, or imprisonment within 5 years is provided depending on weight of a perfect offence.