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Barnaul citizen Ivan Nifontov became the strongest judoist of the world

on July, 5th in Rio - de - Zhanejro has taken place the third stage the Grand Slam on a judo. Our fellow countryman, 22 - summer Ivan Nifontov that is called, has made all. Tomorrow, on July, 8th,   he will come back home to Barnaul with a gold medal.

After the European championship Ivan has typed the greatest quantity of points and became the first in a rating of judoists of the world (read Barnaul citizen Ivan Nifontov became the champion of Europe on a judo ) . However in June while Nifontov was in holiday, competitors had time to overtake it on points: Korean Song has broken away with 20 points and has headed leadership of the strongest judoists of the world. However victory in tournament the Grand Slam has given Nifontovu in addition 300 points. And in total   in a coin box at our fellow countryman -   680 (at its rival Songa - 380).

- while points play a supporting role, - Igor VOTJAKOV, the trainer tells Ivan. - however we will be to smear them on bread when selection of participants for the Olympic Games of 2010 which will take place in London will begin. Everyone typed in competitions   the point will be worth its weight in gold.

Before the beginning of competitions Ivan deliberately did not learn toss-up results - that in advance not to fuse . Fight passed on the Barnaul time since midnight to four o`clock in the morning. So our judoist had to collect will in a fist. After the termination of competitions sportsmen still for a long time passed a dope - control. As Ivan admits, during this moment it had only one desire - to sleep.

Tomorrow Nifontov will arrive to Barnaul, some days - and again on gathering will have a rest. At first to Spain, then to Germany. And in August it should act at more serious competitions - the World championship on a judo which will take place in Holland.