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By August, 20th in Beljaevke the new school instead of fallen

New school in district Beljaevka of the Orenburg region instead of old which has fallen in the beginning of last academic year will be ready, should be completely ready for operation by August, 20th, such problem was put by governor Alexey Tchernyshev, the representative has informed journalists on Tuesday a press - services of the regional government.

At the height of educational day on October, 1st, 2008 at district Beljaevka high school the wall and ladder marches from the first on the third floors has failed. Five schoolgirls 11 - go a class were lost. Four more persons, including three children, were traumatised. The school building decided to take down and nearby to construct new, for these purposes from the regional budget is allocated 300 million roubles.

the Governor holds a course of building of educational institution under personal control. As he said, this object is very important for our area, therefore special demands are made to it on terms and quality, it should be the best on all parametres - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, now works in a building of the future school already come to an end. In particular, a spadework to installation in classes of the educational equipment is now conducted. On July, 25th it is planned to hand over the third floor of school, on August, 1st - the second, and on August, 5th - the first. By the end of July the necessary equipment also will be delivered and ready to installation for nutrition unit, and the termination of building of engineering communications and roofing works is planned on the middle of August, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

the Main thing, according to the governor that the school will be started up in operation in target dates. In the beginning of August teachers will manage here, pupils and their parents, the furniture, the equipment will be established, to be equipped educational premises. According to Tchernyshev, it is necessary to make everything that pupils of settlement Beljaevka have begun new academic year in the new it is exemplary - model school - the representative has noted a press - services.

He also has informed that the territory accomplishment will be conducted to the middle of August. It is already decided that if builders are not in time till August, 15th it will render the help in labour from other cities and areas of the Orenburg region.

In the saved part of a building of old school now repair work also is conducted is a replacement of windows, warming of walls, strengthening of piers. End of these works is planned approximately on the middle of August. In this premise it is planned to place joiner`s, metalwork and sewing workshops, in other part - the House of children`s creativity - the representative has added a press - services.