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In Klaipeda clients will lock inside toilets

the Mayoralty of the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda has found an original way to struggle with vandals who spoil automatic public toilets.

People who spend in a booth more than five minutes, suggest to lock automatically inside.

In Klaipeda toilets have managed the local mayoralty almost in 900 000 lits, however people cannot use often them as they happen are closed. So, in June vandals have again broken the device for gathering of coins.

After long discussions with company management Sanitarin ė s sistemos which looks after these objects, it decided to establish system of blocking of doors.

If the client does not leave a toilet in 5 minutes doors will automatically be closed, and the alarm system will join. Let out from a toilet of the person the expert can only.

Before releasing the client, workers of the company will be convinced of, a leah the damage is caused to an institution, informs information portal NovoNews. lv referring to NEWSru. com.