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Inhabitants of Komi began to go is more often to museums and at cinema

Last years activity of museums in Komi was considerably stirred up: the quantity of the read lectures, the spent excursions, the organised exhibitions has increased. Attendance of museums Besides, has grown: for last year museums were visited more by than 361 thousand persons, informs Komistat.

However the most mass and accessible culture establishments in republic there are libraries: for 2008 storehouses of knowledge have visited 444 thousand persons, from them 137 thousand - children. It has been given out on the average under 25 books and other editions on one reader. Within a year the library fund has replenished with 248 thousand new books and magazines. On the average on one inhabitant of republic on the beginning of this year it was necessary eight copies of the various literature that is considerable above the international library specification providing presence of two copies. In rural libraries there was almost a third part of the general library fund of republic.

population Film service is carried out by the stationary film projectors calculated on 18,5 thousand of visual places. Inhabitants of republic began to go to the cinema is more often: on each 10 persons 5 visitations of film sessions, 5 years ago - 4 were necessary.

For last year and recreation centres have spent 353 rural club of 67 thousand various cultural - dosugovyh actions, almost half from which were free.

the Creative cultural centres of republic on - former are five professional theatres and a republican philharmonic society. The repertoire of theatres is constantly updated, the great attention is given to the children`s spectator. In 2008 17 new statements were offered to fans of art. In comparison with previous year the number of the shown performances has increased by third, however spectator activity of the population remained low: 123 visitations on 1000 inhabitants (in 2007 - 112, across Russia - 206). Within three years collectives of a republican philharmonic society represent to spectators more than 270 concerts in a year.