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In Udmurtiya the man killed the brother in the face of mother

In Zavjalovsky area of Udmurtiya there lived two brothers: 39 - summer Sergey and 34 - summer Alexander. Relatives quarrelled since the childhood, and even the mature age has not affected their relation to each other. As - that they have decided to sit together behind a friendly chat, and have not reflected at all that binge can aggravate a situation only. At first all was good: together with Sergey his wife has come, and mum of two brothers too has decided to devote evening to children. But as always scandal has begun. Sergey and Alexander have seized arches the friend, having forgotten about that all it sees their native mum. Alexander has seized a knife, has strongly struck it the brother in a chest. Then he has decided to finish the importunate relative three blows of a knife in a neck. The Zavjalovsky interdistrict investigatory department of the SOU of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Ur to Alexander had been brought accusation on p.1 item 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (deliberate causing of heavy harm to health) and ch. 1 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder). It was during the investigation found out that Alexander already attacked on the brother with a knife and even has wounded it, but the trauma was frivolous. And Sergey has interceded in militia for younger, and has told that has simply fallen to the broken bottle. If then it has not screened Alexander, all can would develop on - to another. And now the sentence - 8 years of imprisonment is pronounced to the murderer, informs Investigatory committee.