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Details of loud murder

So became known, in the morning on July, 3rd in microdistrict Szombathely known businessman Sergey Fadin, the founder of civil engineering firm " has been killed; Parameter and Limited liability companies Fair .

According to inspectors, Fadin personally supervised building of a multiroom apartment house with office premises on the ground floor. The object was erected to territories were mini - the market where the businessman has been killed. Shots have thundered about 8 o`clock in the morning. For a victim they have appeared deadly: from the received physical injuries Sergey Fadin has died on the spot crimes in the presence of witnesses - the workers who have come on building.

unstated persons have made some shots. Presumably killers shot from a pistol Makarova or to it similar. The exact answer to this question will be given by ballistic examination which is appointed within the limits of the given criminal case.

Certainly, inspectors executors and motives of murder interest. According to a deputy head of investigatory department on the city of Joshkar - Ola of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on RME Alexander Strelnikov, is spent now a complex operatively - investigatory actions for an establishment of persons, involved in a crime. Besides, versions about causes of the murder are put forward. One of them is connected with active enterprise activity which was conducted by Fadin, the second - with the beginning of civil work on a place of the former market. The version of custom-made murder also is considered.

at an initial stage of a consequence to speak about any concrete things prematurely. On Joshkar - Ole is brought by investigatory department criminal case to signs of the crime provided p.1 item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation murder But charge while is shown nobody, suspects too are not present, - has explained the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Mary El Yana Shalina. - the Main thing for employees SK is to provide a qualitative legal investigation, therefore work is conducted in all directions .