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In Novosibirsk it is detained suspected of a series of street robberies

In Novosibirsk the next militian operation " has come to the end; Street . Its essence consisted, as it is easy to guess, in struggle against street crimes. It has brought the results - for two days, on July, 2nd and 3, 45 various crimes have been opened, detained 22 persons who were wanted, drugs and some units of the weapon are withdrawn, and much of the stolen and stolen has been returned owners - from phones to cars. So, it is possible to consider operation successful.

during carrying out of operation by militia rather curious criminal subject has been detained. Him suspect of a series of attacks on passers-by in Kalininsky area of Novosibirsk.

- 19 - the summer young man lived in an unsuccessful family: from its words, parents strongly drank. Even in the winter it has left the house and has lodged in a heating main collector, and on life began to earn robberies and robberies, - have told in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area. - as victims chose basically women and drunk men from whom took away bags. From contents took only money, the rest - purses, documents and even cellular telephones - simply threw out.

while three episodes appear in criminal case - two robberies and robbery, and last attack has been made recently - on June, 30th. Having armed with a metal rod, the guy has attacked the tipsy passer-by and, having deafened by a blow to the head, has taken away from it a bag.

- the arrested person says that has made about ten similar crimes, however in militias believe that in its track record - about 20 attacks, and this figure not definitive, - add in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - presumably, all attacks were made in territory of Kalininsky area.

Now the suspect is in custody, carried on an investigation. It is not excluded that someone from victims was not converted into militia. If you have suffered from actions of this person, be converted into the Department of Internal Affairs on Kalininsky area by phone (383)   232 - 20 - 02 , or by phone 02 .

In militias believe that on the bill of this guy - about 20 attacks on passers-by.
a photo: it is given a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region