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In Ekaterinburg on an Uralmash has broken through a pipe

In Ekaterinburg   there is a second stage opressovok. For yesternight experts have revealed 10 breaks of the pipeline.

In the fourth o`clock in the morning near to a crossroads in the street the Baku commissioners under the prospectus of Cosmonauts there was a break of a heating system to hot water supply. Water has escaped from - under the earths, having formed a hole with metre diameter. In height the fountain has risen almost on four metres. All road has been filled in by water.  

On a concrete road surfacing   the river with the hot water which evaporations have created greenhouse effect has spread. Visibility on road   was minimum inform Night news .

From - for municipal failures in a direction of entrance and departure the impassable stopper has soon grown from a city towards the Top Pyshma.

Also   defects of the pipeline   repairmen have found   Around streets of Turners, Reshetnikova, Shevchenko, Kljuchevsky, Victories, Mum`s - the Siberian, Belorechensky and around Circus. We will note, the following stage opressovok will pass 21 - on July, 22nd.