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The Saratov court has pronounced a sentence to murderers of the Armenian

we Will remind , in the evening on October, 28th in a call centre of the Lenin Department of Internal Affairs   have become hollow three drunk lieutenants. With themselves they have resulted 30 - summer Armen Gasparjana - to interrogate on the case of gold theft. Interrogation has ended with beating, and then cruel murder with burning still the live person.

Today the court has pronounced a sentence to three former militiamen for murder with special cruelty for the purpose of concealment of other crime. Korchagin Dmitry has received 23 years of a colony of strictly mode, Ogoltsov Yury - 20 years and Churikov Denis - 21 year. Also of them have deprived of all ranks and the right to occupy a post in law enforcement bodies. All criminals are recognised by mentally healthy.

On litigation it has not been proved that Ogoltsov and Churikov operated on preliminary arrangement. Thus Ogoltsova have a number of awards for services in battle in the Chechen campaign,   And Churikova have a small child that also has served as softening circumstances at adjudgment. Mother of victim Gasparjana is not happy with such conclusions, and considers that murderers of her son needed to be punished more severely.