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In Volgograd business on death of the lying-in woman have finished to court

Investigatory department on the Central area of Volgograd criminal case upon death of lying-in woman Tatyana Popovoj in maternity home 2 in October of last year is passed in court.

we Will remind that at night on October, 19th, 2008 in an accident ward of the Central maternity home with fights delivered 28 - summer Tatyana Popovu.

Managing patrimonial branch has examined the patient and did not diagnose for it the beginning of sorts, and opposite, the beginnings   to call the child . Wrong medical support of sorts has called fast advancement of a fruit on the patrimonial channel that has led to deep ruptures of patrimonial ways Popovoj and was a source massive krovopoteri. Seeing that at the woman the bleeding the doctor has opened - the gynecologist, self-confidently relying on a private experience, has decided to eliminate it independently. Further, neither it, nor the doctor the anaesthesiologist - reanimatolog could not estimate objectively a status of the patient and undertake emergency measures to a bleeding stop. This very day, after a double stop of warm and respiratory activity of Popova has died.

the Conclusion of judicial physicians, including Bureau is judicial - medical examination of a public health department across Krasnodar territory have taken out the unequivocal conclusion: the death of the lying-in woman has come from sharp massive krovopoteri as a result not completely taken in rupture of patrimonial ways and is in a straight line causally - investigatory communication with wrong actions of doctors.

By results of a consequence - to the gynecologist and the doctor - anasteziologu - reanimatologu accusation under article - 109 ch is brought to the doctor. 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation - death Causing on imprudence owing to inadequate execution by the person of the professional duties . The fault they did not recognise, Dmitry KANONEROV, the head of investigatory department of the Central area of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Volgograd region informs .