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Leonid Okunev for « female » a role the Honored artist has received a man`s award

has arrived to capital of Ural Mountains together with the Tyumen theatre   Engagement .   Actors have brought   performance Nosferatu .

Leonid Grigorevich has received man`s an award for   a role of the woman. However, colleagues it not   surprises. They with   respect speak about   Okunev: the Unique actor possessing natural temperament and   organic chemistry, ability intuitively to find the main thing in   an image .

On   festival was twenty two theatres, in   that number and   from - for a boundary, but   the honourable diploma has got to our fellow countryman.

critics have noticed that Okunev not   plays a touching old age, performance not   about   to the physicist of a body, and   about   to a shower. And   still about   Missions of the person, its tragedy.

in the same place,   on   the Christmas carol   - plays Leonid Grigorevich has received the invitation on   the All-Russia festival Real theatre which will take place in   September in   Ekaterinburg. The honoured artist of Russia Leonid Okunev has won a prize for   the Best man`s role on   III International festival of modern dramatic art the Christmas carol   - plays in   Ekaterinburg.