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The American and the israelite have checked up in Khabarovsk on a pork flu

Readiness of health services and the specialised organisations to to reflexion a possible pandemic of a flu And (1N1), known thanks to diligence of the press as a pork flu it is considered at session sanitary - protivoepidemicheskoj the commissions of the government of Khabarovsk territory.

Planned before the action, called not to admit penetration on edge territory vysokopatogennogo a virus, are strictly carried out. Physicians and the trained workers it is customs - admission frontier points carefully sift all passengers and the persons leaving and arriving from - for borders, especially from the so-called unsuccessful countries. Two persons with signs of dangerous disease - one citizen of the USA, another - the israelite - have already been hospitalised for check, the diagnosis has not proved to be true.

updating of plans on preparation for a possible pandemic Comes to the end, calculation of human on these case human and material resources is made. The hospital base for treatment sick of a flu And (1N1) is defined, the time reshaping for this purpose of establishments of public health services of various departments, boarding houses, sanatoria, schools is provided. The week stock of medical preparations is created, agreements from State Unitary Enterprise " are prepared; Pharmacy distribjutorskimi the companies on delivery in three-day term of the necessary quantity of medicines and devices. Financial reserves which for today make about 300 million roubles are prepared, is reserved almost 100 - the million sum of the regional budget. Informs the EAST - MEDIA