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In Khabarovsk during bathing in the Cupid was gone 7 - the summer girl

Seven-year habarovchanka, bathing in the Cupid, has disappeared.

on July, 9th to the person on duty Far East regional poiskovo - saving group the message that on river bank the Cupid there was a tragedy has arrived. According to eyewitnesses, 7 - the summer girl, bathing in the Cupid, was gone from a kind. The rescuers who have arrived into place - divers surveyed the water area, the specified place, but searches of results have not given. In this place the Cupid has a strong current. In common with rescuers the militia is engaged in search.

It not the first incident on water. From the beginning of a summer season of 2009 on water 18 persons, from them 1 child were lost. Despite the established interdiction for bathing people continue to subject themselves and the children of danger. Rescuers this year possible to get out of a water captivity of 11 persons. But, as a rule, incidents happen on unapproved vacation spots. And they have no life-saving stations, are not equipped by notification systems and consequently are places of the raised danger. Informs “Tatars - an inform”