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The heat has come to Perm

the Heat has returned to a city and it would be desirable to believe that for a long time.   So, under forecasts gismeteo. ru, this afternoon air temperature will be +22 0 , and by the evening will rise to +23 0 . The wind northern, but will change a direction on severo - east, 3 m/ with in the evening.

On Tuesday weather will be played: the thermometer column will jump up to +27 . On - summer heat will be since the morning - +16 0 , becomes hotter - +27 0 , by the evening to +25 0 in the afternoon. A wind cool - northern, 2 - 3 m/ with.

On Wednesday also it will be warm. At night weather forecasters promise +15 0 , in the morning +17 0 . In second half of day it will be hot from +25 0 in the afternoon and to +27 0 in the evening. A wind northern, 1 - 2 m/ with.

in general, we wait for environment and   all on a beach!

By the way,   in the end of July in a city again can become cold.   under forecasts of weather forecasters,   since July, 20th   the thermometer column will keep on a mark   +20 0 ,   but already   27 - go numbers   can fall already to +14 0 ...