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In Vladivostok modernise rubbish incinerator plant

Administration of Vladivostok has submitted for consideration the Dumas of a city the project of the investment program on upgrade of the capital equipment used at rubbish incinerator plant. The program purpose - updating of production and improvement of an ecological situation in a city.

- the Rubbish incinerator plant around the Second small river has been placed in operation in 1979. For 30 years of existence of the enterprise at factory a series of reconstruction has been spent, the equipment was replaced, however for today deterioration of fixed capital of factory has reached 65 - 100 percent a part, and the technics has become outdated not only physically, but also morally. Therefore at the enterprise have faced serious complexities in a fabrication cycle of recycling of a firm household waste, - informs a press - service of city administration.

Means for factory upgrade it is required much - 8   990 thousand roubles. They will consist of the extra charge to the tariff for recycling of a firm household waste and depreciation charges.