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Three uraltsa were lost under train wheels « Sverdlovsk - Alma - Ata »

Three persons were lost on June, 10th   in a car accident on moving of SvZhD.   Terrible failure has occurred about nine evenings on 63 kilometre of a stage Maramzino - Hramtsovsky on an unprotected railway crossing. Here the driver the six crossing moving, has faced passenger train 304 message Sverdlovsk - Alma - Ata . The train went on an even way to a station direction Hramtsovsky. The machinist has urgently braked, but could not avoid collision.

In legkovushke went 20 - the summer woman with the husband and the one-year-old babe, and also the driver. Blow was so strong that all adults have died on the spot. Only the little girl by miracle has survived.   with a brain concussion and bruises of soft fabrics of the person it have taken away   in Beloyarsk regional hospital. Movement of trains on an emergency site   20 minutes stopped at 2 o`clock.  

- Now   the reasons   are found out; and circumstances of incident. Based on the results of testing the decision on presence or absence in actions of workers of a locomotive brigade of a passenger train of signs of structure of a crime will be accepted, - have told in the Ural investigatory management on transport SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.