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The Khabarovsk regional deputies have rejected the bill of decrease in taxes for the under construction enterprises

to make changes to the Law of Khabarovsk territory About regional taxes and tax privileges in Khabarovsk territory deputies of the Khabarovsk municipal duma have offered at the next session of committee on the budget and taxes.

Represented the report on this question the head of department of power supply, fuel, engineering communications of a city administration of Khabarovsk Michael Zhebrakov. He has noticed that the bill is prepared with a view of decrease in tax loading on the enterprises of the municipal complex, rendering services to the population in water supply and water removal sphere, regarding the property placed in operation as a result of realisation of investment programs. In territory of Khabarovsk realizovyvaetsja the investment program including objects, erected according to the federal target program Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia for the period till 2013 . Till 2014 input of capacities only on FTSP will make about 12 billion roubles, and cost of fixed capital of the enterprise will increase more than in 6 times. According to Michael Zhebrakova, the sum of the tax to property will increase from 41 million roubles in 2008
to 368 million roubles in 2013. As the lecturer has underlined: the Enterprise cannot bear so high tax loading in target dates and in full podcherkunl it. It will lead to shortage occurrence under the tax, penal sanctions and, as consequence, unstable economic conditions at the enterprise.

However as it has been explained by representatives of the government of Khabarovsk territory, the edge legislation provides decrease in the tax rate under the tax to property of the organisations to 0,2 % (in 11 times) concerning objects of an engineering infrastructure considered on balance kommunalno - a household purpose which creation was in full or in part carried out at the expense of means of budgets. The specified privilege extends also on objects of water supply and edge water removal. Besides, the specified financial substantiation of the bill does not represent the facts and cannot be considered by the Legislative thought without calculation of dropping out incomes of the regional budget.

Having discussed this question, committee-men under the budget and taxes have passed the decision: to recommend to a thought to reject the bill. Informs the EAST - MEDIA