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The head of Irbejsky area of edge have put in prison for six years

In Krasnoyarsk region large scandal has burst: the head of Irbejsky area Anatoly Suhonos has turned some frauds, having robed the regional budget for the sum of 4 million roubles.

In the difficult scheme which has been thought up by the head respected in area, the consequence and court have already understood. An essence such: Anatoly Nikolaevich besides that worked as the head of area, was still the owner of two local agricultural productions: the founder of Open Company Tumakovsky and the director of Joint-Stock Company Plemzavod Northern . Together with two workers of these enterprises the head of area has forged documents on which ostensibly bought for the enterprises a so-called breeding material (it is a question of thoroughbred bull-calves, cows). From the budget he on these purposes has obtained monetary compensation, having used the program of support of landowners.

And after all support - that at all of us - taki fair farmers. Dishonest - punish.

- Besides, Anatoly Suhonos has scrolled budget money which were allocated for repair of roads in area which has strongly washed away high waters, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of edge Elena Pimonenko adds. - As a result of road all - taki have repaired, but head has had time to receive from it benefit on which it is, of course, right had no. Under the criminal code it is qualified as excess of powers of office.

the Head of area has received for the frauds of 6 years of imprisonment, this time it will spend in a corrective standard regime penal colony. To assistants to head in dishonest business of a distance for five years.

And also all three should return in treasury money - those of 4 million received fraudulently.