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Sunk in JANAO a boat with journalists are going to lift the floating crane

“ JAroslavets “ lies now at the bottom. Rescuers were going to start its lifting on Monday, on July, 13th, but from - for amplifying stirrings on the river cannot make it. Except the crane, in work are going to use a special cage for divers which will facilitate it work at a strong current.

“ the Cage have tested - like that`s OK, but have tested for shoal. As she will behave deeply is not clear yet. The boat is planned to hook and then, possibly, it at first will be towed off on shoal or in a place where the current is weaker, and lifted on a surface. For a boat raising it is planned to use plavkran. But while it is impossible - the wind amplifies, and plavkran can turn over “ - have told in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation on JANAO.

the Boat in itself weighs about 40 tons. According to rescuers, in it sand that else adds to it of weight has jammed.

we Will remind,   on Saturday, on July, 4th, at 20:00 at settlement Gornoknjazevka of Priuralsky area JANAO on the river Ob   boat TGM - 306 " has sunk; JAroslavets “ belonging district GTRK “ Yamal - region. Three persons have sunk, a six more have rescued. On a place of  destruction of a boat search works are conducted, informs “ Interfax “

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