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Moscow will help the Minister of Defence will type defenders of Fatherland

Authorities of the capital to support to a military registration and enlistment office of Moscow in questions of a set of contract employees in ranks of the army, have informed to Interfax in city administration on Monday.

There have told that it is entrusted to public health services department to assist military registration and enlistment offices in questions of medical support of the future contract employees. Besides, it is entrusted to education department to spend work on military - to patriotic education and military - vocational counselling with the citizens abiding in a stock and trained in the state educational institutions of system of department of education .

Besides, experts of department of work and employment will help with an appeal on service under the contract of those jobless Muscovites which were registered.

it is entrusted to Committee of advertising, information and registration of Moscow to provide an advertising campaign of spent actions for what special banners and the posters calling Muscovites to go to minister in army under the contract will be made.