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The woman tried to import into Leningrad region drugs in cowards

Where drug traffickers only do not hide the goods to take it through border to Russia. Most fashionable till today were considered glotateli . Tamozheniki pulled out from stomachs kontabandistov on hundred - two hundred containers with a nonsense . By the way, for last week such daredevils have caught at once a three (read in a material Drug traffickers more in detail break records ). Next the live container have detained at Kingiseppsky customs.

the Woman has decided to risk and earn money for transportation ekstazi through Russian - Estonian border. It has received the goods at the podelnikov in Narva, and it was necessary to deliver it to Ivangorod. Here it with impatience was waited by distributors. The accurate plan of action at the woman was, it was necessary to think up: where to hide one thousand tablets?

- I Will thrust there where nobody will find, - has solved kontrabandistka and has pushed a package to myself in underwear.

at filling of the customs declaration it has confidently put a crossed out section in the column a leah you with yourselves Carry narcotic substances? however vigilant frontier guards nevertheless have paid attention to the nervous woman and have invited her to personal inspection. Here - that the amazed customs officers also have found out that disappeared at it in cowards.

- from the arrested person have withdrawn a package with 1009 tablets containing ekstazi, lump from above 282 gramme, - have declared in a press - service of regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

the Kingiseppsky city court has sentenced kontrabandistku to six and a half to years   high security colonies.