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The president of Lithuania Dalja Gribauskajte has urged inhabitants of the country to demand from politicians of responsibility

the President of Lithuania, being converted to the people who have gathered on Sunday, on July, 12th, on the area at the Presidential palace where took place a part of ceremony of the introduction into a post of the new head of the state, has urged inhabitants of the country to demand from politicians of responsibility and not to believe empty promises.

In our cities and small towns it is a lot of contempt for the person and disrespect for the law, and also injustice. Let`s create the state, we will begin with bases - local authorities. Let`s choose directly mayors and heads, let`s force local politicians report to the voters - Gribauskajte has told.

She has urged the population to participate more actively in selective processes, not to trust only one promises and not to make decisions on motives of rage.

If we will vote for empty promises or from - for a rage we will allow to bribe themselves, or we will buy, democracy to turn to a parody - has told the president.

the Head of the state has assured that has come on presidential fast not for the sake of glory or money, and for the sake of calling and desire to minister to people.

I am here because your decision, all citizens and my personal was that. I have sworn the people and is ready to direct all energies to the blessing of people of Lithuania. I have come to the power not for the sake of honour or money. A policy - not a business kind, it should be calling. I have come not to supervise, and to minister to people. Possibility to improve life and to strengthen Lithuania for me huge honour, compensation and the purpose. The desire of freedom and democracy is born in heart, in heart the state " begins also; - Gribauskajte has told.

the Head of the state has called people for rallying as now in the country opposition level is high enough. I Wish all of us a spirit strong hold - has finished the speech the president, informs the Lithuanian courier .