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In the Chelyabinsk area the grandson - the alcoholic has killed the grandmother

on July, 1st in the city of Emanzhelinske in one of apartments have found a corpse 70 - summer pensioner Valentines S.Na its body traces of a beating obviously were seen, on a neck there was rezanaja a wound. Together with it in apartment there was her husband - at it have fixed opened cranial - a brain trauma and have urgently taken to hospital.

criminal case under article " This very day has been brought; Murder . Field investigators have established that on July, 1st the grandmother was come to see by the grandson. 25 - the summer guy anywhere does not work, consists on the account at the expert in narcology with the diagnosis alcoholism of 2 stages . Lives in demountable apartment with the girl and the small child.

the Husband of the lost woman has told that the grandmother began to show to the grandson of the claim supposedly after its last visitation from the house money - 700 roubles was gone. The guy has become angry, began to shout that any money did not take. And then in rage has killed the elderly woman and an axe butt sadanul on a head to the grandfather. Then has disappeared from a scene.

Still the grandfather has explained that money from the house vanished and earlier, they rowed to the grandson, but were always reconciled.

As informs Investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on the Chelyabinsk area, to detain the murderer at once it was not possible, the house it did not appear. In all departments of militia have dispatched orientations, have connected newspapers and television. And it has worked. One of local residents has informed that saw the guy in settlement Zauralsky. There the murderer also have tied.

accusation is brought to It, it is in custody.