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In the Udmurt zoo there were trustees

In January in the Udmurt zoo the guardianship action over animals " started; With love and care   to fluffy pupils . The first trustees have already appeared at the Amur tigers, but while only for 3 months. Applicants for guardianship of these animals it has appeared much. Today trustees already have appeared in advance   at the yet not created exposition of carps, and some private   and legal bodies ask in communication   with crisis in advance to reserve behind them a place on guardianship, as soon as   they will have means.
  - for the first time we visitors the zoo of Udmurtiya in day of its opening, - is told by Igor Zaletov, the director of an exhibition of aquariums Nautilus . - Have come all family   with a small daughter also remained are very happy. Having seen tigers, Mars and Ursula, have fallen in love   in them all family   at first sight.       in January we   Have heard about the action With love and care   to fluffy pupils also have wanted to take in it part. And it seems to me that it will be interesting to everyone -   to take part   in this action to present a part of the care   and warmth to our small fluffy friends.

the Information on the trustee is placed   on an open-air cage   with tigers also it is accessible to all visitors. Therefore for physical persons it can become   important step   in increase   prestige and the organisation status. In acknowledgement of the good deeds each trustee has received the firm certificate of a zoo on guardianship.