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The Lithuanian drummer will go from Ireland to Moscow on the Eurovision 2009

this year musicians from the Eastern Europe have made strong impression upon the Irish judges and public.

In the national ending of the Eurovision of Ireland which showed on RTE in February, executors from Latvia and Lithuania participated.

As a result group Black Daisy into which the Lithuanian drummer Asta Milerene enters, has won competition and in May will go to Moscow on the Eurovision 2009. And the singer from Latvia Christina Zaharova in the Irish competition became the second.

Asta Milerene from Lithuania here plays two years drums and helps to compose songs in Irish girls - a band Black Daisy. The Lithuanian lives in Ireland eight years.

Here it   has moved together with the husband, Darjusom Milerisom - Nojusom - the Lithuanian musician, frontmenom known in the past fate - groups Airija (that in transfer means Ireland ) . Besides work with Black Daisy, Asta also is the main drummer in new group of the husband.

As to Christina Zaharovoj from Latvia it in Ireland was for the first time. It has got here thanks to strange coincidence of circumstances. The Latvian composer Lauris Rejniks has written a song I Wish I Could Pretend specially for the talented singer, and both laid hopes on it. They have been almost assured that the song will represent Latvia at competition in Moscow.  

However in December Latvia which then is literally went to pieces suddenly declared that withdraws the participation in competition with a view of economy of state means. Rejniks was upset, but has not despaired.

I began to search at once on the Internet, a leah it is possible to send a song to other country, - he has told. - I have seen that rules of Ireland allow to participate in competition to songs from other EU countries, and has sent the creation here .

According to Rejniksa, he was surprised, when to it have called from Ireland and have told that its song has been chosen in the ending from more than 300 applicants. to me have then told that judges at all have not understood that the song was from Latvia, they thought that it is the Irish song, - Rejniks has told. - I have been very flattered to these .

it is possible, having chosen a song of Rejniksa, Ireland would raise the chances of success in Moscow. Clearly that the song from Latvia, besides performed by the singer with Russian surname, would draw to Ireland attention of all east block whose voices last year have brought victory of Russia.

Besides, the Irish state could save, having sent on the Eurovision of Latvians - after all from Riga Moscow to reach much more cheaply, than from Dublin.

But last Friday Ireland has made a choice in advantage a national product Let and with a small impurity of musicians from the Eastern Europe, informs an information portal news. penki. lt.