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In Chelyabinsk KAMAZ has brought down the pedestrian

As informs a press - service of traffic police of Chelyabinsk, for passed days off in our city it is registered 11 dorozhno - transport incidents in which 14 persons have got wounds, among them 7 pedestrians.
on Saturday, on March, 21st in Traktorozavodsky area in the street Mum`s near the house 2 woman at the wheel Deu ran in the five . As a result dorozhno - transport incident four persons have got wounds. The passenger the five with closed cranial - a brain trauma, concussion of a brain and a head bruise have taken to hospital, other victims, including 6 - the summer boy,   have directed on out-patient treatment.

On Friday in the Soviet area on Troitsk a path the driver KAMAZa has brought down the pedestrian passing proezzhuju a part out of a zone of a pedestrian crossing.
20 - the summer young man was strongly drunk. It also has rescued it: the pedestrian has got off with bruises.

the Similar story has happened on Saturday in Kurchatovsky area: 28 - summer kopejchanin at the wheel Mitsubishi has brought down the pedestrian passing proezzhuju a part in not put place. The man also was drunk also serious traumas has not received, has got off only with a bruise of a coxofemoral joint.