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In Average Ural Mountains of 66 thousand unemployed

By July without work can remain 78 thousand uraltsev. Such figure was sounded by the director of regional Department of public service of employment of the population Vyacheslav Krivel. Thus the previous forecast establishing a lath in 65 thousand of the unemployed by July, has not justified. Already now in area it is registered 66 thousand unemployed that makes 2,7 % from total number of able-bodied population. Besides, in times the quantity of vacancies offered by employers has decreased.

Under new forecasts, by July, 1st   the number uraltsev, remained without work, will step over a mark in 78 thousand. As a whole on   to region the rate of unemployment now makes 2,7 %. However there are separate areas, where a rate of unemployment   has stepped over 5 %. It is connected by that   to find work in small   cities it is much more difficult, than in large. For example, Bajkalovsky district - 6,86 % of the unemployed, Irbitsky - 5,74 %, Krasnouralsk - 6,2 %, Pyshminsky - 6,7 %, Rezh - 5,79 %, Turin - 5,4 %, Shalinsky - 6,48 %.

Quantity employed in the centres of employment month from a month decreases. In December   the past year in area it was possible to attach 10 thousand persons, and in January to their number have got only 5 thousand persons, thus, that the employment centres worked in New Year`s vacation. Vyacheslav Krivel has added that in the employment centres have rushed uraltsy which anywhere did not work earlier. not all know that   the final grant is paid only to those who will give the data from the previous place of work. The same who never anywhere did not work, can count only on 977 roubles a month - Vyacheslav Krivel has added.  

we Will remind, now the maximum unemployment benefit in Sverdlovsk area makes 4900 roubles, and with the account   Ural Extra charges   -   5635 roubles.   weekly in the newspaper and on a site the list of the freshest city vacancies prepared by the centre of employment of Ekaterinburg is published (the section " see; Economy/ crisis ).