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Minibuses in Ekaterinburg will fall in price already in a weekend

from this week journey in Ekaterinburg minibuses will cost as in the bus - 11 roubles. The corresponding decision of the Regional power commission about depreciation of journey in commercial GAZeljah and buses with 20 to 11 roubles one of these days   will publish in to the Regional newspaper .

we Will note, fixed-route taxis now get to a category of the public transport which is subject to tariff regulation from the state. Thereupon REK has already prepared the decision, however   while this document has not come into force.

- Private carriers should   to lower the quotations still on March, 18th, and to bring them into accord with public transport - to establish a fare at a rate of 11 roubles. However it yet have not made, - have told to New Region in department of pricing REK.

since the next week   guards   will start to check, how   private traders carry out the order. According to experts of the commission, today the text   this decision will pass in the Regional newspaper after the publication it will come into force. After that   transport workers will be obliged to reduce the prices. At the same time, at the carriers wishing   to defend the former price, it will be added a headache.

- Now they should be converted in REK with an economic justification of the costs. We understand that   this decision can lead to the missed benefit of transport companies, but   it have accepted at federal level,   means it is necessary to carry out, - have added in REK.