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The Norwegian scientist considers that in the country which should support Israel, anti-Semitism

" triumphs; In Norway - the country which, apparently, should support Israel, anti-Semitism triumphs. This tendency is shown and among members of the government, and among the public - the teacher of the Norwegian school of management, the adviser for foreign policy of Progressive party of the country Asle Toe considers.

Toe is the zealous supporter of the main internal oppositionist in Progressive party Siv Ensen which has got recently under the most severe criticism for the support of Israel.

After the occurrence on demonstration of friends of the Jewish state it began to receive messages with threats of punishment and now is under round-the-clock protection.

I never tested similar hatred in Norway, - have declared Toe. - There there were people who threw stones in participants of demonstration, and people with the Israeli flags were attacked directly in streets .

Along with support of the Jewish state, demonstrators demanded to render the humanitarian help to inhabitants of Gaza Strip, and also called for cease-fire.

It was, first of all, peace demonstration, - tells Toe, - Ensen calls the people for the same things, as Barack Obama. A difference only that it does it in Norway where, on - visible, all on - to another .

the Socialist left-wing party of Norway which is a member of the governmental coalition, has brought the offer to boycott Israel.

Besides, comparison of antiterrorist operation Cast lead with a nazi mode now it is everywhere widespread in this Scandinavian country.

In this connection it is necessary to remember incident when the Norwegian ambassador in Saudi Arabia has dropped a phrase that grandsons, people endured the Holocaust, now do the same that nazis did with their grandfathers .

Already almost all Norwegian Jews, in them in the country about one and a half thousand, have tested on themselves Antisemitic moods of indigenous population. I think that it is connected with massive migration of Moslems to Norway which has begun in 70 - e years of the last century - declares Toe.

each coin has two parties, but anybody of it does not wish to see. Left flirt completely with radical Islamites. There was well, one more thing for what it is necessary to regret - the politician adds, informs an information portal norge. ru.