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The predator has hidden from militiamen in a case of the friend

Friends of twenty and seventeen years cut out in the caps of an aperture for eyes, have armed with the pneumatic weapon and have gone on business. About three o`clock in the morning they have rushed into one of shops in the street Decembrists and have crushed a counter with bottles. However the robbery was prevented by the security guard who has scattered to one of attacking of gas ballonchika in the person. After that the man has received a stupid subject on a head and has fainted.

  the Second sortie has brought next day to predators of 4000 thousand roubles. The saleswoman in shop in the street Rising under a pistol barrel has given a day gain. Besides, children have taken a cognac bottle. But in the street, removing masks young men have drawn attention of patrol crew of militia. Children have run in an entrance and have hidden in apartment of one of predators. Militiamen have brought the son of the mistress of apartment to militia department, and later, have returned behind the second which trace took a dog.

  the Young man have found in a case, soon there was also a parcel with money. To the woman children have told that it is the salary.

  On   court to the senior from friends, earlier to the offender for robberies, a distance of 8 years of a colony of strictly mode. Its minor podelnik has received four years of imprisonment in an educational colony.