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The fallen icicle has killed the inhabitant of Barnaul

Some hours nearby pjatietazhki on Anton Petrov, 142 is full of people. Militia, Office of Public Prosecutor, neighbours Solar morning has begun on March, 23rd with death. From a roof the heavy piece of ice has failed and has got directly to a head to the woman.

71 - summer Maria Sergeevna left the house in the morning. Neigbours say that in hands the pensioner had a can: the woman wanted to buy milk. But to wait molokovoz (usually here there comes the car with the tank) was not in time.

- Turned, turned about the house, has then risen about an entrance, - the pensioner from the next entrance saw Maria Sergeevnu last minutes lives. Tells that from a roof something has failed, and the woman has fallen.

the Husband and the daughter in tears. The woman has lived to such respectable age, and was lost ridiculously.

the Daughter of the unfortunate cannot constrain some tears
the Photo: Vadim Alekseev