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Court date over the main thing of the Ministry of Emergency Measures - anybody the Samara region have transferred for March, 31st

Military court of the Samara garrison has transferred judicial session on business of the chief of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Samara region Tamazi Gabrichidze with 24 for March, 31st. It is connected by that the judge needed an extra time on acquaintance with materials, informs news. smbc. ru referring to   the assistant to chairman of the court Sergey Kartovenko.

we Will remind that the main regional rescuer is accused of excess of powers of office. On the workplace it has struck the subordinate who after that has written the application in corresponding bodies. The offended captain has not accepted apologies, and to business have given a lawful course. Business have passed in Office of Public Prosecutor. There it have confirmed. Article on which accuse Gabrichidze, assumes punishment for the term from three till ten years. Besides, the decree of the president from March, 10th of the general have dismissed from a post though it will be there are on the fast some more months.

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Tamazi Gabrichidze remains on a post some more months