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Scandals « Eurovisions »: Yana Rudkovsky has told for the first time about a behind the scenes « Eurovisions - 2008 »

already told that the producer Dimy Bilan Yana Rudkovsky has written the autobiographical book , speech in which will go about its private life and show - business. The book will carry the name Bared by show - business and on sale will appear already in the end of March. With the permission of the author we start to publish   sensational heads about a competition behind the scenes the Eurovision - 2008 . A leah it was easy Bilan`s command to win gold in Belgrad? The triumpher has faced what difficulties Eurovisions on the eve of competition? You learn answers to these questions only on a site we all company left a concert hall Academic (There last year passed national selection - the Comment red.), me on phone has come sms - ka from Victor Nikolaevicha (the ex-husband Rudkovsky - the Comment red.) : the Silly woman, do not cry, all the same we love you, you the best . He saw, how we with Dimoj have begun to sob in the fulness of the heart, and have solved such original way to congratulate me with March, 8th. The phrase about love was amusing, especially if to consider that TV channel Russia has been to the full hammered by Baturin`s letters with requirements to clean Bilan from selection tour and not to start up to Belgrad.

- Victor Nikolaevich, it already passes any borders, - pined on TV channel. - well, please, well, will suffice already! We promise that we will accept the demand of your Poliny Smolovoj though it and was late

Such sensation that at Victor Nikolaevicha every day began with thought - than still to vex Yana Rudkovsky. It even was not late nearly to make an application on selection Eurovisions for the ward Poliny Smolovoj. Victor Nikolaevich not simply wrote letters on TV channel Russia . It continued to go on radio stations and other channels where I too took a habit at once without delay with original contracts napereves to leave as the Chip and Dejl to the aid of Dime Bilan. And though many radio - and TV channels has already got used to similar situations, all - taki management MTV one fine day has not sustained and has removed my transfer Bared by show - business from an aether.
- excuse, Yana, - has explained me a management. - All we understand, we sympathise, but were tired to battle to thy husband. You understand at first among themselves, please

... The basic intrigue of this competition consisted that Phillip Kirkorov who annually took out on the Eurovision one of the countries, this time acted on the party of Ukraine. Me it, in general - that, not too stirred, because we with Phillip always were in good relations, and our singers worked in different genres and even were a different floor. And here director Fokas Evangelinos with whom we successfully and co-operated for a long time, very much would be useful to me.

therefore I have absolutely easy phoned to Fokasom, and we have agreed about forthcoming cooperation. Its services to us this time more, than nedeshevo have However, managed:
- it is A lot of work, Yana, - has politely commented on the price - sheet of Fokas. - it is necessary to be broken off between Russia and Ukraine.

I have sighed. To find such director as Fokas, and, especially, on the eve of competition, it was difficult. If not it is impossible. However I early rejoiced. Literally in couple of days the call from Greeks was again distributed. Fokas called. It was extremely correct and very polite. Also it is so cold:

- Hi, Janochka, - has insinuatingly greeted it. - you understand, I cannot do number for you in any way because I will be constantly occupied with Phillip. But I can send the schoolgirl from England, it very skilled lady. It will make to you show, and I will advise

- As so? - I was upset. - without you we will not manage in any way. Fokas, well, please!

- Yana, seems to me, you need to discuss this question with   Phillip, - has advised me Fokas.

without feeling a dirty trick, I have easy dialled Phillip`s number which protege Ani Lorak on tours across America at this time was with smart:

- Phillip, hi! - I have greeted it. - I want, that number for Dimy did Fokas Evangelinos as it was in 2006 - m to year. How you look at it?

- I against, - have there and then reacted Phillip. - Fokas already does number for Ani Lorak.

- Well also what? - I Have tried to mind. - the different singers, different songs, we even work in different semi-finals

- And in the ending? - Phillip has taken a significant break.

- Well and what in the ending? - I have made a kind as if I do not understand, about what speech. - Still it is necessary to reach the ending.

- And you - that as think, Dima will reach the ending? - It is angry Phillip has interrupted me. - or you on the Eurovision go as though to walk, at people to look?

- Yes is not present, but

- I will not give you Fokasa. I have employed it the first, and on a broader scale it is my person, I have found it, - Phillip has summed up.

- That means thy ? - I Was indignant. - at us slavery in 19 century have cancelled!

- Yana - Phillip did not know how more precisely to express the fears. - in the ending war will be already between Bilan and Ani. So, between you and me. And everyone prepares for itself(himself). I have found Fokasa, you search for somebody else Good luck!

- Phillip, it is wrong!

Dima Bilan became the first Russian executor who has defeated at competition the Eurovision .
the Photo: PHOTO.

- Yana, I all have told, - Phillip in the manner of Victor Nikolaevicha has added and has hanged up.

and at this time TV channel Russia and personally Gennady Borisovicha very much interested, as at us with Dimoj affairs and when the production demo - a roller on which arrangement of actors on a scene is written down will be ready move ahead.

- All goes according to plan, - I have assured Gennady Borisovicha. - Unfortunately, with the director we small had an overlay. We thought that to us the same director, as will put show earlier, Fokas Evangelinos, and it works with Phillip, and we had to search urgently for replacement

- Well and that that it does for Phillip I do not see obstacles. Or I do not understand something? - Gennady Borisovich Was surprised.

- Phillip does not want, that Fokas did number and to us too, - I have regretfully noticed.

... It was suddenly found out that Phillip has agreed about sponsorship there is nobody others as with Victor Nikolaevichem. But there is more to come. Victor Nikolaevich has shown generosity miracles, having allocated Phillip for preparation to to the Eurovision and the Ukrainian party of 400 thousand dollars! I will remind that on the Eurovision - 2006 to us with Dimoj has had the luck to receive from Victor Nikolaevicha`s hands of all of 70 thousand. Baturin scrupulous and eager for national culture was confused at all with that fact that Ani executes Americanized a song in English. What for strange such love to Ukraine?

... However the main problem has not been solved. We with Dimoj still remained without the director wherefore we and did not manage Fokasa to involve - and to row to Phillip I was do not intend.
... However we once again have quarrelled with Phillip and up to the ending Eurovisions did not communicate at all.

... Together with Dimoj and   Pashas Khudyakov (the director of a clip of Bilan - the Comment red.) We think out a plot as three known people - the singer, the sportsman and the violinist - gather and organise a charitable concert in favour of the boy who cannot go and to which operation is required. The photographer and the musical producer help with the organisation of such concert under the scenario. In the end of a clip the kid rises on legs and goes To roles of protagonists Eugene Pljushchenko, Edvin Marton and the photographer Julia Miller have acted. The role of the producer has played I. We have presented this clip on TV channel Russia where to it have given rather an appreciation.

a bit later with the concept of Diminogo of number to us there has arrived the Englishwoman, schoolgirl Fokasa Evangelinosa. There has arrived also Fokas who felt awkwardly and has assured that us will advise in every possible way in the course of work. Eugene has invited to rehearsal also the choreographer David Avdysha, putting to it all performances, including that victorious in Turin.

the Concept our English colleagues consisted that Dima is represented a certain angel who in the end of a song soars up over a scene by means of a ladder - the lift. And before it on a ladder there should be a dancer. Total on a scene four people are formed, each of which operates on own manners: Dima, Eugene, Edvin and the ballet dancer. Neither me, nor such statement was not pleasant to David. Something was obviously superfluous.

I have expressed the opinion, but after persevering explanations of Fokasa, have been urged to reconcile temporarily wherefore money has been paid the considerable. I looked at Fokasa and understood that soul it not with Dimoj, and with Ani Lorak. And considering its old close acquaintance with Phillip, it could not put us number better, than at Ani. But while it were only assumptions.

hardly we have agreed about the performance scenario, to me have called from TV channel Russia :
- it is urgently necessary to present to the European broadcasting union the cartridge with arrangement of characters on a scene! If tomorrow cartridges are not, on the Eurovision there will go the second applicant - Alexander Panajotov. At it, unlike you, all is ready for a long time already!

special cartridges with arrangement of people on a scene were given on the Eurovision in advance that television cameramen could expose the chambers broadcasting performance of each actor in the most advantageous foreshortenings.

we with Dimoj were constantly on the verge of failure. And constantly operated in a work involving all hands mode. This time Dima, fortunately, was in Prague with all command - there were both Eugene, and Edvin. They took part in Ice show Evgenie Pljushchenko - and, Dima has been invited as the special visitor which will take part in the Eurovision - 2008 from Russia. Having called Eugene, I have asked to finish shooting a material fast.

At o`clock in the morning, after a concert, tired and exhausted, children were locked in an ice palace to make a demo - a roller. Instead of the dancer who walks upstairs, figure skater Peter Tchernyshov - present husband Anastasii Zavorotnjuk has acted. Already in nine mornings I have called to Belgrad where to me have informed that at night the cartridge has left and now is in the European broadcasting committee. I with simplification have sighed and have informed on TV channel Russia that the cartridge already in Belgrad. My efficiency inexpressibly were surprised, even it seemed to me that me here - here will ask: As it was possible to you ? But a reserved management Russia has seen on the century many miracles. In fifteen minutes after my call on Russia have confirmed that the cartridge is really received...