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In the Ulyanovsk region on Wednesday will pass fairs of vacancies

In a city on - former struggle against unemployment proceeds. Almost each week there pass fairs of vacancies. However vacant places on the posts expected uljanovtsami both was not, and is not present. However to employ the population it does not influence attempts.

the Open day in a regional placement service on March, 25th will take place. This day on the basis of the employment centres will organise a number of actions. Experts of service will meet employers, will carry out group and individual consultations of the unemployed. They will discuss questions of assistance in employment, to participation in paid works, the organisation of own business, vocational training.

Besides, in the centres of employment of all areas of area will pass hot lines . Also on Wednesday fairs and mini - fairs of vacancies in the centres of employment of Inzensky, Radishchevsky, Sengileevsky, Ulyanovsk areas will take place, and the Pavlovsk centre of employment will spend specialised fair of vacancies on public works.