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Collectors have given $300 000 without fight

On Friday in seven evenings to metro station Leninsky prospect has approached collector booked ZIL . Pjatachok in parkway of Innovators monetary - large shopping centre, real estate agency, restaurants, boutiques. And people crowds. The bank car left security guards, and behind them, absolutely easy, - the driver. And at all has not blocked behind itself a door! Two unknown persons attentively observed of it.

- Most likely, they had other plan, can, with a use of weapons, - consider in the Petersburg Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - but they have quickly oriented and did not begin to wait, while collectors will return.

It seems that predators knew that in an armored car money already lies. Usually before an attack villains in details study an object route. And having seen thrown, as a matter of fact, dengovozku two in black jackets took sharp start.

- Hej, - have shouted to the driver.

It has turned back and has fallen down from a facer. The second robber has simply opened a door, took a heavy trunk and has started running. In a bag was 300 thousand dollars. Then criminals have sat down in the car and have left, having left from the signs only black colour of jackets.

Search actions while are ineffectual. The most probable version - arrangement of one or several collectors to predators - does not prove to be true. While the reason of so ridiculous loss of money name rare sloppiness and infringement by the driver of instructions.

In law enforcement bodies notice that in the professional plan collectors have strongly handed over.

- Still about five years ago such attacks were impossible, - has explained a source in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - as a rule, touches on armored cars are a shooting, wounds, murders, to trifles the thought over scenario. Was considered as a nonsense if criminal case got under article a robbery that is open plunder without a use of weapons. Now it is in the order of things.

we Will remind, on March, 16th on the prospectus Metallistov unknown persons too have cleaned an armored car. To them has sufficed banal elektoshokera to cut down the driver and to disappear with a bag of money.