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In the centre of Ekaterinburg there will pass the action for cleanliness of streets

In the centre   the Ural capital   today, on March, 24th,   there will pass the action the Pure city begins with you . Action   will begin in 15. 30 in the street Viner. Near   shopping centre the youth, not indifferent to a problem of garbage and a dirt in a city will gather. According to organizers of the project, a problem not only in the government and kommunalshchikah,   but also in townspeople. Active workers will show the dramatized representation. In   to the comic form they will represent from unfair townspeople who does not inform stubs and candy wrappers to an urn.

- Today   townspeople accuse officials and kommunalshchikov of abundant of garbage in streets and thus forget that frequently litter a city. And after all cleanliness of Ekaterinburg depends and on each of us.   we will show a sketch in the comedy form, that   uraltsy could look at itself from outside, - the head of initiative group the Pure city Svetlana Efanova.

After a sketch organizers   actions will distribute to passers-by of a leaflet with hot line phone on which townspeople can complain of unapproved dumps in court yard.

- the Administration too carries out the action on prompting in a cleanliness city. However not at all   townspeople there is an access to the Internet and not all are able to use electronic mail. Therefore we will duplicate the information received on our hot line on electronic addresses of administration and to watch situation change - Svetlana Efanova has added.

hot line Phone: 8 - 963 - 27 - 41 - 266