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The inhabitant of Irkutsk tried to get home to a beloved, having knocked to it at a door with a sledge hammer

the Hooligan tried to get to apartment along the street Gleb Uspensky of the beloved   by means of a sledge hammer. It has fine frightened of the resolute visit owners of dwelling, however has even more annoyed the elderly neigbour.

Having heard a roar and the shout, the indignant pensioner has decided to conduct lecture about education. Orders of the senior on age have been heard, but conceived not as it would be desirable. The guy has tried to make silent the woman with the help all the same sledge hammer. The pensioner managed to evade. And the guy has snatched out at it a bag and has rushed nautek, informs a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region.

During this moment on the office car the chief of traffic police of Kuibyshev area the major of militia Ivan Moguchy along the street drove. The officer   has noticed the running young man with a bag made of cloth in hands. And after it with shout: Help! the elderly woman ran.

Mighty has jumped out of the car has detained the young man. The pursuit lasted not for long. The brawler delivered in call centre OVD on Kuibyshev area. There it was found out that 21 - the summer young man already was we judge and anywhere does not work.

On the given fact the criminal is raised has put under item 161 ch. 2 - the Robbery and the bag with rather modest contents, 70 roubles, is returned the brave woman.